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PT6A engine


 With the incorporation of OEM and after-market solutions for parts, repairs, and overhauls our programs are fiscally appealing to cash flow conscious customers who are looking to better balance their maintenance budgets and have a clear fixed cost approach. Our PT6A Plus program is a running long term renewable contract with no front end enrollment costs*.

The cornerstone of our engine management approach is our PT6A PLUS Power by Hour (PBH) program, which was developed after considerable consultation with industry representatives and operators. The PBH program can meet the needs of all PT6A model engine users.

Our expert personnel will audit your engines for upcoming maintenance events and calculate a fixed hourly rate for each power plant in service with the following benefits to the client:


  • Our flexible customized contracts are written to meet each operator’s specific needs. No “one size fits all”.

  • Fixed long term engine costs.

  • Engine rental pool for BUER* and scheduled events at the same hourly rate as specified in the contract.

  • The PT6A Plus program can be transferred globally if the aircraft is sold, including closing out contracts.

  • True North Turbines performs all LRU related repairs in house and only sub-contracts heavy engine repairs or overhauls to a shop of the operator’s choice*.

  • Field service with our factory trained personnel is available


* Certain conditions apply.


For a comprehensive quote please download and complete the Fleet Information Form and email to



Download, complete and email to: 

For operators with more than 6 Power Plants, additional Fleet Information Forms can be downloaded here.

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